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What is PIN Community?

PIN Community from London, England, is poised to become one of the largest community in the crypto space to that develops advanced technologies to promote the Sharing Economy 2.0, providing higher efficiency, speed, less costs, and more values to their users.

What is PIN Project?

PIN Community is part of PIN Project, a community-first project developed upon a huge community of the like-minded crypto-affluent. We are building well-planned, world-class products to serve their well-defined community.

What is PIN Platform?

To serve the PIN Community, PIN Platform comprises of well-planned, world-class products to serve their well-defined community, including: Direct Ad-Network, P2P Marketplace, Auction portal, Investment portal, Trading portal, Hedge fund

What is the current progress of PIN Community?

PIN Community showcased its current progress of registering more than 80,000 users from 25 countries after merely a month. This stunning progress promises a huge amount of data from their homogeneous user base, which is fed to a versatile AI engine in order to save time, cut costs, improve user experience and provide more values to PIN Platform users.

Where is PIN Community from?

Our development team, managers and consultants come from several countries, mainly from the England, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore. We all together do our best to offer PIN users with highly advanced solution for money transaction and user-friendly products. It would be more important to update latest information from us via your email.

Can we meet founders and advisory board of PIN Community?

Our development team, managers and consultants come from several countries, mainly from the England, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore. We all together do our best to offer PIN users highly advanced solution for money transaction and user-friendly products.

We will publish the team members as well as other information about the company and the project at the appropriate time. Your trust in our project is highly appreciated, and you can be rest assured that PIN Community has become a number of seasoned investors’ choice. It would be more important to update latest information from us via your email.


What are the technologies PIN Platform is based on?

Blockchain, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). For more details, please refer to

1) https://bit.ly/PINCrypto

2) https://bit.ly/PINBigData

3) https://bit.ly/PINAIDubai

4) https://bit.ly/PINSharing

How are advanced technologies applied in PIN Platform?

– Direct Ad-Network: Deep behavioral analysis of users based on their incentivized activities allows precise advertisement targeting to subgroups within the crypto-affluent.

– P2P Marketplace: The most cost-effective, relevant products and services posted the most trustworthy users would be shown at the top of the marketplace for you.

– Auction portal: Intelligent strategies allow each user to make the best bid in the face of uncertainties.

– Investment portal/Trading portal/Hedge fund: Platforms designed to make sure users can put their best bet in the right places.

What is the business model of PIN Community?

PIN Community connects consumers with producers and suppliers. The bigger community will create bigger value to suppliers, which will be shared between PIN Community and and the consumers.


When is the ICO going to start?

00:00 GMT January 12, 2018 to 23:59 GMT January 31, 2018.

On our website, we provide you with a countdown timer. You should see the seconds tick down to ICO day, and when it counts down to 0, you can start buying token PIN.

Is PIN token an ERC20 token?


How to buy PIN on ICO day?

There are 3 steps that you should follow to buy PIN on ICO day: January 12th 2018

What are bonuses during ICO?

Your referrer gets 4% bonus, you get 4% bonus and an additional 2% bonus if you have purchased PIN during the presales.

What would be the value of PIN during the ICO?

It increases from $1 to $1.9 per PIN.

What are the minimum and maximum for contribution to the ICO?

$100 – $20,000

Do you have a bounty program?

Yes, we assign 1.5% of our issued tokens for a bounty program at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2540835.0

Can I register more than a single account?


When will PIN tokens be tradeable on an internal exchange?

February 2018.

When will PIN tokens be listed on public exchanges?

January 2018.

What is the hard cap?

160 million tokens.

Can I transfer my PIN coin to others after ICO?

Right after the first ICO on January 12th 2018, you can transfer your PIN coin to other members on our internal exchange. And whenever you desire, you can transfer it to other members.

Which cryptocurrencies do PIN Community accept?

Only BTC.

How do I receive PIN tokens?

Tokens will be distributed immediately to your account in PIN Platform after your contribution in BTC has been received and confirmed. Tokens, however, will be locked until the end of ICO.

Is PIN token limited on ICO day?

The quantity is limited during each round.

So you should get ready any time so that you could buy as much as you desire.

The quantity of each purchase will be announced prior to each sale, so you need to check your email or visit the website so that you could update the latest information.

What about the price of PIN after ICO?

The price of PIN is determined by the supply and demand of the market, not like several existing digital cash, the price is determined by the owner, we guarantee that PIN price will be determined by the market. As we strongly believe that with a long term vision and a professional system of PIN Community project, the price of PIN itself will increase by more than ten times after ICO and much more in the near future. Note that this does not constitute any investment advice.

You can be rest assured that no one but the market will determine the price of PIN, and what we do will gain the trust of community to use PIN, thereby the price will increase as a result.

Where to trade, buy and sell PIN after ICO?

After ICO program has ended you can buy or sell PIN on PIN internal exchange and other exchanges that PIN will get listed in as early as late January.

Can we withdraw BTC after depositing BTC into wallet at https://pincoin.io?

You can deposit and withdraw BTC whenever you desire.

I cannot deposit BTC into my wallet. What should I do

You need a confirmation from Blockchain which enables you to deposit BTC into your wallet at PINcoin.io

Do you implement a KYC process?

During the potential account verification, we require a proof of ID and proof of address.

On what exchanges would PIN tokens be listed?

Our team and advisors have been working with prospective exchanges including Livecoin , Cryptopia, Coinexchange, Huobi, Hitbtc, and Binance. An official list will be published after our ICO.


Where can I get help or find out more info?

Our Official home page: https://Pincoin.io

Our Official Facebook: https://facebook.com/pincoinofficial

Our Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/pincoinofficial

Our Official support email: support@pincoin.io.

Our Official Telegram: https://t.me/pinglobal

Our Official Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCnnMF2-w1KRt2Bsj9pBKgw

Would PIN Community give financial support for leaders of PIN in each country?

PIN Community has been established with a long term vision and objective desiring to build a good reputation in digital cash field. We hope that all PIN users and investors would convey an accurate, honest messages while building referrals and earning commissions with PIN.

We believe that individuals who trust and invest in PIN would gain a long term profit. You had better do right from the very beginning with PIN Community to be successful with PIN by delivering trustworthy and accurate information to potential down-lines.

We are looking for national leaders and multi-national leaders for PIN Community project. We are always willing to assist you in any possible way: training information, marketing campaign, promotion campaign, events sponsorship, etc.

It is PIN’s great honor to have a great chance working with a number of seasoned advisory board and influential figures in various fields, our leadership team stands out from the crowd not only for our accomplishments, but also for our responsible management of our success. At PIN Community, you will be immediately surrounded with the right individuals who know what to do to create a lasting and thriving business and what it takes to truly make you prosperous.

PIN Community founders’ mastery of the discipline is one of the main drives distinguishing PIN from other in digital cash field. It is unfortunate that a few unscrupulous organizations have tarnished the reputation of an industry that possesses so many positive and beneficial attributes. PIN Community is going to change that perception with our distinct management and development strategy and our strong commitment.

We are always willing to support leaders in every country in the world, including events sponsorship, training programs, funding promotion campaign, ect. If you are a leader in your country who desire to cooperate with PIN Community to establish a community in your own country, we would be glad to offer you financial support for important activities in your country to promote for PIN if we could see  your commitment to excellence and dedication that benefited PIN, and the clients and customers with whom you serve.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

How to spot a scam ICO, and why we should trust in PIN Community?

PIN is one of the most exciting ICO campaigns which is set to hit the marketplace this year, but we also know that there are hundreds of others that are all trying to make their way in the world and are all bringing something new to the digital cash field. Not only does it provide an exciting update in the blockchain scene but it also has the potential to provide a stable recurring income and could even have the power to transform lives.

The project success is determined by the community, and PIN will be continually re-invested so that we can continue to grow and serve the community better. Again, this is a very unique concept in the industry.

PIN Community is essentially a campaign that has an aim to help people. PIN Community leadership team understand that recruiting members can be a difficult task, so we’ve come up with an innovative solution to make it more simple for people to start their affiliate campaign.

Now, we can’t tell you if a certain project is worth investing in or not and we won’t tell you what to look for in order to find profitable ICOs. With that being said, even honest projects can be a complete failure, so make sure you know what you’re doing and remember to never invest more than what you can afford to lose. However, thanks to the prevalence of the Internet and social media, you can learn about the potential and the advantages of PIN Community compared to other counterparts by yourself. Many seasoned investors are also interested in the idea of the project and they are mailing us sharing their willingness to invest their money to fund it.  Those individuals know how to spot a scam ICO among hundreds of ICO projects, but why they trust in PIN Community? You should find the answer yourself.

How can we trust in PIN Community?

We make our commitment in everything we do, our website, our logo, our marketing campaign, our roadmap, our strategy, etc. We believe that everything we do can satisfy many people. Actions speak louder than words, therefore we will always do our best so that PIN would so far beyond our members’ expectations.

Can I change my sponsor?

No, you cannot change your sponsor. So prior to member registration, you should be careful about your decision and choice of sponsor. You should choose a sponsor who are influential and creditable, who can help and support you to develop your community.

Where to update date and time of ICO?

On our website, we provide you with a countdown timer. You should see the seconds tick down to ICO day, and when it counts down to 0, you can start buying token PIN.

What about the profit of Sharing package?

Sharing Profit is up to 40% per month

What should I do when I need your support?

We are always available and accessible to support you at anytime you need us. Here is our support email address link: support@PINcoin.io

The number of PIN members has been skyrocketing during the last few days. Thousands of registrations each day has caused us such a great pressure, however with our elite founders and experts in marketing, digital coin, and technology we believe that millions of members all over the world would be satisfied with our service and product.

We hope you would support and stand by PIN by sharing both difficulties and success. In days to come, basic questions including ICO day, how to register, how to buy PIN, etc… would be updated on our website so that members don’t need to email us for such information, which would save us time and facilitate us the chance to address many other obstacles and problems which may occur in the next few days prior to our official ICO day.

You can visit our website for more details. All the information related to ICO, Sharing program, Roadmap and other essential information is fully updated on our website. https://PINcoin.io

If you have any inquiry, Regarding the policy, please contact : admin@pincoin.io, regarding about the technical support, please contact: support@pincoin.io

Can we be rest assured by the security system of PIN Community?

In today’s threatscape, anti-malware software provides little peace of mind, however our exclusive continuous 24-hour-a-day protective supervision system operates effectively and smoothly to defeat all malicious hackers and malware, despite their change of tactics.

We are using a dedicated server system located in many parts of the world that is configured load balance to ensure the registration and ICO would take place smoothly. We guarantee the highest performance of our website even in case of thousands of visitors to our website per hour. All access to our servers must pass through the Cloudflare traffic filter. We are constantly backing up the database to avoid any incident that may occur.


When will the Sharing interest be added to my account?

It will be added every 7 days after your Sharing package has been approved. All Sharing packages will be treated separately for interest payments.

Why will the login shield not allow me to withdraw my bitcoin or PINCOIN from my account?

Our security system is very important to keep your accounts safe from any unauthorised transaction from PINCOIN and it requires you to verify your details every time you request withdrawal.

I have transferred bitcoin from another wallet. How long will it take to confirm my balance?

PINCOIN confirms the deposit with our 3 bitcoin network confirmations. It normally takes 30 minutes but sometimes it may take longer than usual. Please click on “Check delayed transaction.”

What is the minimum amount to reinvest in PINCOIN Sharing?

The minimum amount to reinvest is $100.

Why do I have a negative balance in my Bitcoin or PINCOIN wallet?

When you send bitcoin/PINCOIN to another wallet, a small fee is required (not kept by us) paid to the blockchain. If you did not leave enough bitcoin/PINCOIN in your wallet, we pay the fee (placing you in a negative balance) and will recover that fee the next time you place bitcoin/PINCOIN in your wallet

After completion of my Sharing contract, would I get back USD or PIN?

You will receive USD back into your Sharing wallet.

What is the minimum BTC withdrawal amount and fees on withdrawal?

The minimum bitcoin you can withdraw from your bitcoin wallet is 0.003 BTC. PINCOIN charge dynamic bitcoin network fees that are charged by miners for faster confirmation.

How do I start earning interest with my PINCOIN?

There are multiple ways to invest in the PINCOIN platform with different level of earning opportunity associated. To start earning with PINCOIN Sharing, you have to buy PINCOIN in the first place. Buy PINCOIN from PIN Exchange with Bitcoins first. You can invest PINCOIN in PINCOIN Sharing platform exclusively from the PINCOIN Dashboard. You will receive weekly profit based on your Sharing option. Upon Sharing term completion, you will receive your capital back to take out from the PINCOIN Sharing platform or optionally reinvest back in Sharing platform to continue receiving weekly profit.

Which currency PINCOIN accept for PINCOIN Sharing?

PINCOIN Sharing accepts PINCOIN (PIN) as mode of payment. PINCOIN system uses US dollars value for all Sharing and bonus payout.

Can I earn by Referring new members to the Community?

Yes, PINCOIN offering a lucrative bonus program which enables you to earn referral commission if your referral invest in PINCOIN Sharing. Currently, we do not offer any commission on buying and selling PINCOIN Coin.

How does profit generated in PINCOIN Sharing?

PINCOIN also has a comprehensive business model and you capital is invested in product development of technologically advanced products to generate profit.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of deposit?

The minimum investment amount is only $100 and the maximum amount is $250,000 per package.

Are additional Sharing deposits added into previous Sharing or treated separately?

Additional deposits will be treated separately and its weekly return calculated and paid depending on its Sharing package. It is not possible to merge one of your previous Sharing package with a new one.

How does the referral program work and how much can I earn?

We offer 6 affiliate bonuses to our customers, out of 9 different bonuses. It is a great way to make extra money. By inviting more people to our PINCOIN Sharing programs, or promoting our website using our banners or text ads you earn more of your referral deposit volume. The earning is based on the Sharing amount and depth of your referral. Multiple account is not allowed.

Can I have several PINCOIN accounts?

No, you can only have one account per person. We’d like to remind you that the use of multi-accounts (that is, more than 1 account on the PINCOIN platform for one individual) is strictly prohibited. All users with multi-accounts will be blocked and their invested funds will not be refundable. We are always deeply concerned about the cleanliness of business relations. DO NOT TRY THIS! The consequences are very serious and people have been banned from the system already!

How to make withdrawal in bitcoin, when will my withdrawal be processed?

You can withdraw bitcoin or PINCOIN from Wallet page. Simply click on withdrawal button, fill required detail and click withdraw. Once you make withdrawal from Bitcoin Wallet or PINCOIN wallet , you will receive bitcoins or PINCOIN instantly to your sent address.

How do I get my referral link, view the total number of referrals and referral materials?

Your referral link is created automatically when you open an account. You will find your link in the dashboard section. You will find your referral structure with active referral under referral section.

Will I get referral or level commission from additional deposits of my referrals?

Yes, you will get referral commission for every deposit your referrals makes in PINCOIN Sharing platform.

Will I get referral or level commission from reinvestment of my referrals?

Yes, you will get referral or level commission for every reinvestment of your referrals.

When will referral commission be added to my account?

It will be added to your “Available to Withdraw” balance immediately after your referral make a deposit.

Is it compulsory to reinvest in PINCOIN Sharing program?

No, it is not compulsory to reinvest in Sharing program. It depends on you to reinvest again or withdraw your profit.

I registered under wrong referral / I registered without referral. What do I need to do now?

If someone has referred you to Sharing program, make sure they provide you their username or referral link which should looks like this: https://my.pincoin.io/dashboard/auth/signup/[username]

This is the only way you will become an affiliate of your up-line. If you sign up without this link you will be signing up under PINCOIN. To check your sponsor, go to Network page. Note: We cannot change your sponsor or add referrals to your account.

How do I get my initial Sharing Investment back?

Upon Sharing term completion, you will receive your CAPITAL BACK in USD amount in your Sharing wallet. You require to transfer your USD value to PIN at current market price of PINCOIN and sell on PIN exchange against bitcoin.

How can I withdraw profit from my Sharing wallet?

You can withdraw your daily earning of Sharing wallet by transferring it to PINCOIN wallet at current market price of PINCOIN coin. Optionally you can reinvest back Sharing wallet balance in Sharing platform to continue receiving daily profit.

How can I reinvest from my Sharing wallet?

You have USD balance in Sharing wallet you can choose the next Sharing package to reinvest your earned profit back to Sharing platform.


Am I required to reveal my identity?

Yes. You must provide your personal information correctly. PINCOIN requires this in order to protect all members and the whole project for a long time.

How does the fee system work?

PINCOIN is currently offered free transfer from Sharing wallet to PINCOIN wallet. For trading PINCOIN coin, we charge 0.25% trading fees from buyers and sellers.

How do I become verified?

Account verification is simple. After logging in to your account, go to your “My Profile” and upload a photo/scan of two types of documents, as per the list below:

Proof of Name and D.O.B:

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Government Issued Identity Card

How can I increase the security of my account?

You can enable Two-Factor Authentication. Besides, you should know:

  • Remember to create a strong, unique password, one with at least 10 characters. Simple passwords, such as passwords that match your email address in part, are not accepted.
  • PINCOIN will never ask for your login information – if you receive an email that appears to come from PINCOIN, it is a scam if it asks for your account information.
  • Be aware of fake emails and copycat websites – Sometimes emails and websites appear to be official properties of PINCOIN when they are actually from a third–party, Fraudulent company.
  • Recognize misleading hyperlinks – The text of a hyperlink may contain a URL that is not the URL it actually links to.
  • If someone else has accessed your account,Immediately contact support. Include the an explanation of what happened in addition to your account name, the email used to register with PINCOIN, your name, IP address, phone number associated with your account, and your recent site activity.

Can I activate my Suspended PINCOIN account?

Yes. You can appeal to reactivate your suspended account by contacting PINCOIN support. We may ask you to provide valid reason with proof to revoke the suspension status.

How to sign up or register on PINCOIN?

The sign-up is free and easy. Get a signup link from your sponsor and fill out the form to sign up.

How to deposit and withdraw bitcoins from PINCOIN?

This bitcoin wallet allows you to store and trade your Bitcoins against PINCOIN (PIN)  instantly. You can send bitcoins with just one click.

To Deposit bitcoins

  • Visit BTC Wallet page.
  • Simply Click on “Generate” to get your BitCoin deposit address.
  • Once bitcoin sent to bitcoin address you will see unconfirmed transaction appear with pending confirmation on transaction history page. It will be fully confirmed and available for trade with 3 bitcoin network confirmations. It can take around 30 minutes or more time depending on bitcoin network so do not worry and wait quietly.

To send or withdraw bitcoins from bitcoin wallet

  • Now you can send or withdraw bitcoins from BTC Wallet page.
  • To send bitcoins, enter the address into the recipient field. Enter the bitcoin amount and your login password, click the Withdraw tab. A success message will show on the dashboard with transaction hash ID.

What are the Opportunities on PINCOIN platform?

When you’re looking to lend bitcoins in PINCOIN platform, taking those first steps may seem a little challenging. That’s why we’ve created a short guide about possible PINCOIN opportunities.

Can I buy PINCOIN coin by using Credit card/Debit card ?

Yes , you can do it on livecoin.net Exchange. On livecoin website you are required to buy bitcoin first with your credit card. After buying BTC, you can buy PIN with your available balance of BTC.

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